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Appia® for Construction Administration & Visualization

Geo-enabled, as-built construction data for your infrastructure projects. Teams use the Appia® service to automate the process of field data collection, and construction contract administration.


Explore how Appia can help your organization streamline construction administration and elevate transportation asset management by feeding near-time construction data for visualization and mapping in Esri tools.



Geo-enable your construction data for collaboration.


For Collaboration


  • Leverage Esri integrations to display geo-enabled construction data in easily shareable dashboards
  • Capture data in real-time and automatically sync information back to the office for project managers to review
  • Automate the flow of construction data into asset management systems to unite disparate data sets

For Transparency


  • Record every daily report, change order, pay estimate, and more in a searchable database that stands up to the toughest audits
  • Visualize project progress as it happens on various maps and dashboards through the Esri integration
  • Automate the creation of public and private dashboards that show taxpayer expenditures and construction updates through the Esri integration
  • Offer read-only access to various stakeholders for a window into project progress, be it the project owner or contractors

For Visualization


  • Use Esri dashboards to provide a rollup of work by location, project progress, and funding status
  • Report on field conditions through mobile devices to ensure accurate data is captured at the source
  • Use pre-built or custom saved templates to quickly generate specific reports for the necessary stakeholders

First-Hand Experiences From the Appia Community 

Watch these video case studies to hear from public agencies, consultants, and project owners on how they use Appia to overcome challenges in the construction administration process.

Increasing Project Transparency with the City of Muscatine

See the different use cases for integrating construction data with data visualization tools to increase transparency and collaboration.


  Increasing Public Transparency

  Improving Team Collaboration

  Supporting Asset Management

Automating Data Collection in the Field with HNTB

Explore the benefits of automating field data collection through a mix of hardware and software tools.


  Automating Data Collection

  Eliminating Transcription Errors

  Supporting Asset Management

Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Value for Owners with the City of Meriden

Learn how digital project delivery can help handle claims and add efficiencies to your record-keeping process.


  Streamlining Compliance

  Eliminating Paper Inefficiency

  Leveraging Federal Funding

 More of a reader? We’ve got you covered.

Check out our in-depth whitepaper on the benefits of GIS-enabled construction data.


Extend Appia’s capabilities with these essential integrations.


Create project and GIS dashboards

Leica Geosystems

Capture geospatial data in an Appia project


Capture geospatial data in an Appia project

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Appia standard licenses are annual licenses that expire one year from the start date you select at time of order. Ask us about our volume discounts.



*State sales tax where applicable. New users may be subjecat to a one-time Implementation Fee. Please contact a Sales Associate for more details.