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Our mission is to create robust and interconnected digital infrastructure to support thriving physical infrastructure. The things we build make building possible and empower teams to build impossible. Whether that means demolishing siloed data or beefing up your digital toolbox, we help organizations find a natural next step in their technological evolution.

For 45+ years, that’s the question we’ve helped answer: What does the next step look like for you? Let’s explore how we can work together in pursuit of infrastructure, evolved.


Focal Points

We’re honed in on areas where our expertise can have the biggest impact.

Evolving Digital Infrastructure

By embracing open data standards, we’re integrating with other solution providers to ensure agencies have the tools required to effectively maintain and advance national infrastructure.

  • Adopt and embrace open data standards
  • Create interoperability with third-party solutions
  • Perform data analytics to inform key decisions
  • Provide a secure data environment

Providing Accountability & Transparency

Our extensive construction contract management experience informs our understanding of federal, state and local requirements. Our solutions provide the necessary transparency and accountability to project stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle.

  • Connect critical data to funding, civil rights, equity, and workforce development programs
  • Create maps and dashboards for real-time progress and analytics
  • Support reporting on IIJA funding

Modernizing Business Practices

We’re a 45+ year old technology company, which means innovation is an essential part of our values. Whether it’s the introduction of mobile apps to connect the field and office, cloud hosting to put critical IT infrastructure in the hands of experts, or new integrations with dynamic tools, we adapt and evolve to keep the industry moving forward.

  • Host enterprise applications in a secure cloud database
  • Modernize inspection workflows with mobile applications
  • Leverage APIs to connect crucial data and applications

Street Cred

Street cred, road cred, bridge cred - you name it, we’ve got it.

Founded in 1977

Like many tech companies, our first office was a garage. Unlike many tech companies, we haven’t forgotten the values our founders laid down in our first year: treat people right, and the rest will follow.

Official AASHTOWare Project™ contractor

In 1985, we sold an early version of what would become AASHTOWare Project to AASHTO. In the 30+ years that followed, we have enhanced the software to support innovations like cloud hosting, third-party integrations, and powerful data visualizations.

Industry Allies

Partners in pursuit of a shared vision.


As an Esri Silver Partner, we're building a better foundation for mapping and analysis by incorporating construction data into GIS functionality.


Expanding the use of BIM throughout project delivery of civil infrastructure projects by focusing on open data standards.


Removing the manual, time-consuming part of the construction inspection process by automating survey data collection. 


Automating geospatial data transfer to capture precise measurements and eliminate data entry errors.

Fine Wares

Purveyors of only the finest digital project delivery solutions.


Designed for project owners and their consultants, Appia helps construction teams track quantities, change orders, reports, and more. 


Bid Express on a Tablet displaying discarding bids

Bid Express®

Created for public agencies and counties, Bid Express provides a secure, online platform for all construction bidding or procurement needs.

Doc Express®

Built to work alongside Appia, Doc Express offers a platform for paperless contracting, document workflows, and digital signatures. 

Doc Express on a Laptop

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Let’s work together

We’re eager to partner with like-minded organizations.

There’s only one requirement for working with us - you’re passionate about the infrastructure industry. 

Let’s find our points of connection. And maximize them.